Friday, October 3, 2008

day 5 at VCCA

This is a clumsily taken laptop photo of me and my friend Fella.   Fella is the Mr. Ed of Virginia. Before lunch today he told me that Erwin Santana better sack it up tonight or the Angels are gonna be in a world of hurt.  He's a smart dude - Fella I mean.

I am thinking very seriously about turning a few of the chapters from my book into short stories.  This wouldn't be instead of a book but just something supplemental.  A fried of mine suggested Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting as an example of a book where a lot of the chapters can stand as self-contained short stories.  Off the top of my head, Last Exit to Brooklyn.  ...In any case, I'll be immersing myself in short stories when I get back to L.A., so send me any of your 'must reads'...

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Molly Stevens said...

Love the pit of pine tree between you and Fella.